Jump from SOAP to REST with WSDL2REST  

Jump from SOAP to REST is a tool chain providing a way for people to migrate from SOAP to REST easily or to create RESTful webservices on a servlet container that do not have support for developing REST webservices. This project provides you a REST webservice engine and a tool to generate RESTful service interfaces (or resources) from an existing WSDL. Currently the engine is based on the jsr-311 spec @ jcp.  

Target of this library to be used with servlet containers that do not have jsr-311 implementation, such as Tomcat, Geronimo etc. and is provided free with the Apache License (version 2.0) There is a reference implementation for jsr-311 but it is licensed with GPL, hence is not for most commercial use, however our implementation is commercial friendly and is free  that will work for those parties. Also other implementations (such as bea, webspehere etc.) are commercial and not cost effective for your businesses.


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